Hello, Designers,

THE DT CALL ENDS ON April 30, 2016

613 Avenue Create wants to augment the current Resident Designers Teams with 

(Open Call) - Resident Designers (6 months - Permanant)

Resident Designers create two projects per month.

We are a laid back, drama free, no stress community, committed to the understanding that we are all volunteers, engaging in a hobby and, therefore , it should never become a job or feel tedious. Creativity cannot be forced.  We keep it very easy here.  I hope you will join us and find out for yourself!

If you are interested in either of these Positions
Please link your project below

If you have additional questions,
Please contact:
Chana Malkah Harris
Resident GDT:
  • Must have an active blog.
  • List current and past design teams.
  • Tell us a little about your design aesthetic.

  • Initial Term:  The initial term is 6 months.  At the end of six months,  if we do not receive notification of intent to resign, the designer becomes a permanent member of the Design Team.
  • Resignations:  Designers may step down from the team at any time after their six -month commitment.  We do ask that the DT Coordinator be notified of your decision to leave.
  • Production:  Each designer is asked to create two projects per month.  
  • Commenting:  Designers are asked to comment on entries ending in their assigned numbers during the weeks that their respective team creates.  Currently, each designer has one assigned comment per ten entries.
  • Project Submission:  Designers are asked to submit their challenge projects to at least three (3) other challenge blogs.  This will help increase the participation in our challenges.
  • Deadlines:  Challenge projects should be posted to the team forum NLT 7 p.m. EST the day preceding the challenge date.  The DT Coordinators should be notified if a designer needs extra time to complete the project.
  • Challenge Participation:  Any designer may create for any challenge.  If you want to create for a challenge in a week that is not assigned to your team, please let the DT Coordinator know so that your name may be added to the image request list.
  • Photography:  Designers should make an effort to provide quality photographs of their projects. Projects should be taken in a well lit environment.  It is our responsibility to ensure that sponsor products are given the best possible presentation.  This is a hobby for us but it is a business for them.   Link to: How To Build a Simple Light Box
  • LOA:  We understand that all of us have lives.  If you know of dates that you will not be available to create, Please notify the DT Coordinator.  Our sponsors require that images ordered be used.  Please do not order an image if you are going to be away. The Vacation schedule is posted on the forum.  We encourage our designers to take time away so that they do not suffer creative burn out.
We  are delighted to work with all the members of this team and we want to continue the success that we had in our first three years.  This only happens if each of us commits to enjoying our hobby, having fun and working together as a community.  Please let us know of any suggestions you may have that will help us achieve our goals.

Chana Malkah, Co-Owner
Kathi Silvia, Co-Owner

Please link your project 

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